Celebrating HKIB's
60th Anniversary
2023 is a special year for HKIB, as it marks the 60th anniversary of the Institute.
By way of sharing the joy with the banking community and other stakeholders,
we have prepared a series of commemorative activities under the theme of
"Heritage of Knowledge,
Innovation for Banking"
We look forward to celebrating this significant milestone with everyone as the year unfolds!

About Our
Revitalised Logo

The logo is formed by the acronym of the company name.

To make the logo distinctive and meaningful, the letter “I” is highlighted in terms of position and colour to represent two core values of the HKIB, which are “Integrity” and “Innovation”.

The lowercase “i” also symbolises “People” ,an important element of the banking industry, its position and red colour suggest ambition, outstanding performance and confidence.

And for our 60th anniversary...

An anniversary logo is specially designed to celebrate the 60 years of HKIB.

It is a tree blossoming with 6 colourful leaves, each of which stands for 10 years.

Complementing the HKIB logo, it denotes the growth of the HKIB and the Chinese wisdom, “It takes ten years to grow a tree, a hundred years to cultivate a man.”

Our History..

Hong Kong Centre of
the Institute of Bankers,
London was established
with 158 founder members
Developed local syllabuses at Associateship Examinations Level
Renamed and registered as
The Hong Kong Institute of Bankers
Published the first issue of HKIB's bi-monthly journal, Banking Today
Set up HKIB's Beijing Representative Office
Organised the inaugural HKIB Outstanding Financial Management Planner Awards
Appointed by the Government as the Professional Writer of the "Specification of Competency Standards" (SCSs) for Retail Banking
Organised the inaugural HKIB Banking Conference
HKIB's qualifications being endorsed in "The Supervisory Policy Manual" by the HKMA
Became the first and only non-academic institute's programmes to be accredited to
QF Level 6 by HKCAAVQ
Modernised the flagship programme and rebranded of as “Certified Banker”
Set up a “Register of Certified Individuals” (CI) to provide a centralised list of qualified professional banker
Designated to implement the mutual recognition of ECF programmes in Hong Kong and Macao
Appointed as the first Professional Qualifications Assessment Agency for the banking sector by the Education Bureau
60th Anniversary of HKIB

Our Precious Moments

60th Anniversary Gala Dinner

Date 1 November 2023 (Wednesday)

Venue Convention Hall,
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Time 6:00pm - Cocktail Reception
7:00pm - Dinner Starts

Guest of Honor The Honourable John K C LEE, GBM, SBS, PDSM, PMSM,
The Chief Executive of
the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

Contact us anniversary@hkib.org

50th Anniversary Gala Dinner Highlights